Welcome to The Soap EmporiumThe Soap Emporium are a new, vibrant company based in Kent. We specialise in luxury handmade soap products, free from SLS. Whether you are looking for a frequent purchase, a cheeky indulgence or a gorgeous gift, we will have something to suit your needs.

We supply a vast selection of products with fantastic fragrances, including Bath Bombs, Salts and Scrubs, Natural Handmade Soaps and more.

Why us?

Our company specialises in sensitive skin products with a touch of luxury.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is an industrial foaming agent, commonly found in engine degreaser and oil pump cleaners – YUK!  Many mass manufactured products such as shampoos and detergents, use SLS as a thickening agent and it is frequently used in animal testing.

Our products are SLS free, meaning less irritation for your beautiful skin.